• Your Partner in Business

Small and Medium Enterprises are characterized by an idea that is born from entrepreneurial type people who have the drive and commitment to see their idea realized. SME’s are often said to be the engine of economies around the world and form probably the most important part of the economic model. They employ vast numbers of people collectively and invariably have some sort of input into every item that you touch everyday of your life.

Every SME is different and needs a personal approach when advising them. No one solution can be applied globally to these businesses so the most critical step is listening to you. That is where the solution begins.

TLB Business Advisory Services provides specialist and cost effective accounting and business advisory services to these small and medium enterprises and wider economic sectors in the UAE and GCC region.

Small and medium enterprises cover a wide cross section of the economy so we are at ease assisting a small start up as well as established businesses turning over millions of dollars. The one constant is a feeling of personal service to all clients and focus on the listening part of the relationship.

We provide a range of services to support these dynamic businesses so that they are free to grow and prosper by allowing principals and decision makers to concentrate their expertise on the key areas that gave birth to the idea.

Whether it be structured assistance and advice or someone on the end of the phone to bounce an idea around, TLB Business Advisory Services will be Your Partner in Business to ensure that it is given every opportunity to succeed.

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