• Bespoke Services


What does this cover?

There will be times in the business cycle when you need specialist assistance on particular areas that arise as the business grows, contracts, matures, enters new markets and plans for the next generation of owners. Our background in the following areas are all useful for the forward thinking owner that not only thinks about today, but just as important, the tomorrow

Legal and Contracting Structures
Succession and Continuity Planning
Due diligence for Acquisition
Wealth Creation Planning 

Tax effective legal and contracting structures

Working across international borders can be tricky and costly if not planned properly.  Having worked with a number of companies in the UAE that perform international contracts, we are well placed to identify risk areas quickly so that appropriate measures can be installed to ensure that the most effective taxation domicile is used for your business and contracts when dealing with countries outside of the UAE.

Business succession and continuity planning

What is your plan for tomorrow with your successful business?  Do you have family or key individuals that you foresee carrying on your business past your retirement or departure from the day to day activity?  What if you are incapacitated and the business relies on you to continue?  All tough questions when it comes to an SME and all Change events that can put at risk all that you have invested in the business if not planned and managed correctly.  Assisting you in planning for these foreseen and unforeseen circumstances is a key service that we are able to offer to you.

Due diligence for acquisition or sale

Buying your initial business, expanding through acquisitions or contemplating a sale of your business are all big changes.  We can assist in reviewing these changes with you to ensure that you make an informed decision whether it be growing or selling.

Wealth creation planning

Having worked with a number of high net worth individuals and business owners, we can assist with wealth creation strategies.  Our advice will revolve around concepts of smart investing, not the actual placing of funds in any form of investment.  Conversely, we can independently review financial products or investments that you may be considering to ensure they fit into a sound wealth creation strategy and do not create risks inside a balanced portfolio.