Founder and Principal

Grant Bateman – Founder and Principal

We too are a Small Medium Enterprise so have a close relationship already to your business.

The principal of our business is Grant Bateman. Grant is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and the Australian Institute of Management with 29 years experience working in both large and medium sized Chartered Accounting firms and private companies. Since initially leaving practice life in 2002 through to 2013 prior to founding TLB, he developed into a very experienced General Manager and Chief Financial Officer within the energy industry, notably oil and gas exploration services and power generation construction and services. Turnover of these companies ranged from USD 3 million to in excess of USD 100 million. During his accounting practice years, he handled an extremely diverse range of industries and businesses in the small and medium business sector, including motor vehicle dealerships, medical and law practices, primary producers, cutting edge research and development entities, IT entrepreneurs, aircraft leasing, charter and flight schools, sporting and licensed clubs, insurance companies and brokers, investment companies, trading and service businesses and high net worth individuals to name a few. Turnover of these companies ranged from under USD 100,000 to over USD 400 million.

His core skills, which have crossed over practice and industry, revolve around managing teams of people, developing those people, reporting to directors/owners, developing business strategy, managing exceptional growth in companies, business recovery, management of banking facilities, insurers, legal advisors and adapting internal systems for growth and recovery. His work in accounting practice in areas covering audit, taxation and business advisory services has ensured that he has a diverse background of industries and competencies and an excellent ability to design, improve and maintain financial reporting systems within organisations of varying sizes. Grant has also been a director of several companies in addition to reporting to directors of his employers. He has the ability to influence decision makers with sound and experienced advice.

Specialties: Business Structures, Cross Border Taxation and Contracts, Tax Effective Contract Structures, Business Setup, Due Diligence, Acquisitions and Sales, Design, Maintenance and Improvement of Systems of Internal Control, Financial Reporting, Budgeting and Cashflow, Banking Facilities Maintenance and Growth, Managing Exceptional Growth in Companies, Business Rescue, Contract Preparation, Negotiation and Review, Human Resources Management, IT Systems Management

Support staff – Grant’s diverse background and professional accounting team building expertise ensures that all of our accounting and administration support staff are of exceptional quality and will become integral members of your team to ensure that you think of us as Your Partner in Business.