Are you ready to start a business?

Starting a business anywhere, but in particular Dubai, can be a complex and time consuming exercise.

Setting aside the local issues surrounding the establishment of a business for the time being, starting a business should actually take significant time and not be an overnight decision.  This part of the life of your business is probably the most important time for it.  Starting in the right direction can ensure that your goals are realized as early as possible.

Like all things in life, success comes with careful planning.  Planning the first part of your new business is just as important.  There are many factors that come into play when commencing your business.  Just having the idea is not enough.  Ask anyone who has established a business and to a tee, the response will be that the toughest part is getting started.

Funding will play the most critical part of the startup.  For the most part you are going to be using your own savings or cash reserves to finance the startup.  Knowing how much is needed is critical.  This will involve countless hours running over initial costs, sales estimates, revising these numbers and calculating how far your initial funding can take you before things get tricky.

What happens if the numbers don’t give you the answer you want for your idea?  Where do you go from there?

At TLB Business Advisory Services we will help you through getting your idea into a documented form that can be reviewed, challenged, modified and finalized. We will also assist in preparing financial estimates including profitability and cash flows, identify the potential surprises and plans to mitigate and to demonstrate how much capital you will need to invest from the outset.  From there we can plan together the timing of your commencement of the business and assist then with moving forward on the administration that is required to get you up and running.

To find out more on how our Business Establishment Services can be tailored to convert your idea into your own business, contact us at or 04 3609477.

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