Accounting and Finance lie at the heart of the business and provides the most integral back-office services.  Good accounting and financial management helps keep the business under control, provides management with the information and confidence to make sound decisions and take the opportunities to help the enterprise achieve its goals and grow.  There are many external users who may rely on the information provided which can ultimately affect your business.

Whatever industry the company is engaged with, it has to find a way to manage its books. Depending on Sits size, this would mean employing varying numbers of staff as part of your finance department, investing in infrastructure, providing the staff with work space and training.  If you run a small or medium sized business, this could mean a large portion out of your potentially limited resources and have a negative impact on your cash flow.

As companies aim to cut costs and leverage the power of their data, it is imperative that the limited resources are engaged in the best possible way and obtain far better value for money.

Outsourcing is the process of delegating the company’s accounting processes to an external party in lieu of employing in-house staff, thereby enhancing service quality, driving innovation and deriving benefits at lower labor costs. By using an outsourcing service, the company gains access to a far greater set of skills than by simply hiring a single bookkeeper or small team of finance staff, comparative to the cost.   It leverages off the skill and expertise of specialists, providing high quality output.

Our business is numbers, so we are constantly looking at ways and means to ensure that the numbers being recorded and presented for your business, are processed in the quickest possible way using methods that are not normally available to run of the mill accounting staff.

With a business that focuses on accounting, we are in a pretty good position to identify the best talent available and hire them.  Not content with hiring talented staff, continuous training is paramount and also providing them with the latest tools available in the market ensures that your data is handled quickly and efficiently.

The client is in control of the numbers at all times, regardless of the service happening outside of the business.  The senior management allocated to you will ensure that all questions related to the numbers are answered from a sound understanding of the business and what the numbers are saying.  We are readily available for either regular structured meetings or at short notice as the situation arises.

Outsourcing can take on many forms.  Be it the full accounting function, specific areas of the function or handling short-term requirements for additional staff members.  We can manage your accounting needs without you hiring any accounting staff in-house, provide specialist staff only e.g. payables and/or receivables staff, transaction staff, manager of the accounting team only or any number of a variety of combinations.  Seconding one of our professional staff to cover leaves of absence or short term emergency cover is another area where businesses can take advantage of our highly skilled team.

At TLB Business Advisory Services, you can be assured of high-quality services by experienced professionals.  To find out more on how our Accounting Outsourcing Services can deliver benefits to your business contact us at or 04 3609477.

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